Technical Specifications

Stage House                 

Fly System

House Curtain

Operates as traveler from SL deck

Rigging System

Type:  Single purchase counter weight SL

Weight:  2000 lbs. Available

Line Sets:  27 sets at 12 in. o.c. with 5 lines per set

Arbors: 750 lb. Capacity

House pipes:  66' long with 35` of travel from deck

Line sets are dead hung

Proscenium Opening

44' x 20'

Plaster Line to Back wall: 36'

Wings: SL 18', SR 22'

Apron: 12' Including pit

Orchestra Pit

Nonadjustable at 8 ft. below stage level

Apron overhangs US wall of pit 4`


Road Service Power

1.  3PH 100 Amp SL

2.  3PH 400 Amp UP SR in basement

Lighting equipment

132 2.4K Dimmers

ETC Emphasis System

48/96 Expression Face Plate

2 Studio Spots 250

150 Instrument inventory

Followspots:  One available

100 ft.  throw to proscenium

Booth Power:  110 U Ground

Back Stage                           

Loading Dock

Loading Door:  8`x 8

Trucks:  1

Bus:  1

Bus power: tails

Loading dock:  Dock (loading door sill) is at 2


Location:  SL in basement

Access:  Elevator SR

Facilities: Costume Shop

 (1) Washer & (1) Dryer

Dressing Rooms

Star Room:  (1) Toilet & sink SL Stage level

Chorus Room(s):  (2) Toilets & showers available, In basement, seats 24

Storage & Rehearsal Areas

Storage Space:  None

Rehearsal Space:  None


Call for specifics


Intercom system: Wired intercom system available

Hearing-Impaired:  FM sound system

Dressing room page system

House Console

Soundcraft Series 2, 24 Channel

12 seats required to be covered

Cable run from stage is 75`